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Talks / Demos

  • Amazing Brains 2021, The Stroke Association, Invited Talk, 27-05-2021.
  • Aphasia Access Leadership Summit, (US), Invited Talk “Using EVA Park in Aphasia Rehabilitation: An Application of Virtual Reality” 07-04-2021.
  • 7th International Conference on Neurology and Epidemiology, Invited Presentation, “Virtual reality in aphasia rehabilitation: Applications of EVA Park”, 20-03-2021.
  • UK Stroke Forum conference 2019, Demo, Stroke Association Stand, 04-12-2019.
  • RCSLT Conference, Poster, “Using EVA Park to deliver Social Support Groups for People with Aphasia: A Novel Use of virtual Reality“, 25-09-2019.
  • British Aphasiology Society Clinical Symposium 2019, Keynote, “EVA Park Research to Date: Results and Reflections”, 10-09-2019.
  • Nordic Aphasia Conference, (Finland), Invited Presentation, “Delivering group support for people with aphasia through EVA Park”, 14-06-2019.
  • ABIL Acquired Brain Injury Forum for London June 2019 Conference, Presentation “EVA Park and MakeWrite App”, 04-06-2019.
  • Stroke Association Legacy Event London (Imperial War Museum), Demo, 28-03-2019.
  • Stroke Association Legacy Event Birmingham (Think Tank), Demo, 21-03-2019.
  • Service Lab London, Invited Talk, “Designing for Aphasia: EVA Park”, 20-11-2018.
  • Lebanon Memory Group for Clinical Research, Talk, Le Gabriel Hotel, Achrafieh – Beirut, Lebanon, 03-11-2018.
  • ASSETS 2018, 20th International  Conference on Computers and Accessibility, Talk, 23-10-2018.
  • Stroke Association Legacy Event Manchester, Online Presentation, 10-10-2018.
  • Knowledge Quarter Thought Fest, 05-10-2018.
  • Royal College Speech and Language Therapists AGM (Cardiff), Stand and demo, 04-10-2018.
  • IARC 2018, International Aphasia Rehabilitation Conference (Aveiro, Portugal), Research Presentation “Delivering storytelling intervention in the virtual world of EVA Park”, 05-09-2018.
  • The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia Dissemination Event, 30-05-2018.
  • Computers In Therapy Clinical Excellence Network, Presentation, 24-05-2018.
  • Wales Assembly NHS@70 Celebrating the Future of the Health Service, Demo, 05-07-2018.
  • Stroke Association Donor Event (York), Demo, 07-12-2017.
  • Stroke Association Donor Event (London), Demo, 14-11-2017.
  • Stroke Association Innovation and Research Meeting, Group Demo, 19-10-2017.
  • British Aphasiology Society Therapy Symposium, Talk, 13-09-2017.
  • Chronic Stroke Rehabilitation Conference: Exploring Technology & Neuromodulation across domains, Talk, 26-06-2017.
  • UK Stroke Forum (Stansted), Talk and Demo, 26-06-2017.
  • Stroke Assembly (Crewe), Invited Talk, 30-05-2017.
  • Ghent Flemish Association of Speech and Language Pathologists, 38th National conference (Belgium), Talk, 10-03-2017.
  • Rewired: The Brain, Art, and Innovation, Talk, 10-03-2017.
  • Aphasia United Conference, Talk and Workshop, 05-03-2017.
  • IARC 2016, International Aphasia Rehabilitation Conference (London), Talks, 16-12-2016.
  • ABIL Acquired Brain Injury Conference, Talk and Demo, 06-12-2016.
  • UXPA Talk, 25-02-2016.
  • Disability and Social Inclusion talk, East London NHS Foundation Trust, 22-10-2015.
  • Eleanor Saffran 10th Annual conference (Philadelphia), Invited Talk, 18-09-2015.
  • Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice, Keynote, 01-03-2015.
  • RAATE Recent Advances in Assistive Technology and Engineering Conference, Talk, 24-11-2014.
  • UK Stroke Forum (Harrogate), 04-12-2013.


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Awards / Recognition

  • Tech4Good People’s Award 2015, Winner.
  • Nominet Trust NT100 2016.
  • MadeAtUni: 100+ Ways Universities are Saving Lives and Keeping Us Healthy. Details.
  • Made@City 2014 Winner.
  • City University London, Research Prize for Impact. Winner September 2015.


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