Early Adopters

Thanks to funding from City, University of London, we have made EVA Park available for remote therapy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Forty-six services from around the world have signed-up.

In an earlier service evaluation of EVA Park we explored how EVA Park could be delivered to practitioners and clients. Thirty SLT units and aphasia support groups, known as “Early Adopters”, were  offered 1 year of free access to EVA Park from the 1st August 2018. Each service could register a lead SLT/Group Leader, 3 colleagues and up to 10 clients to use EVA Park. The service was provided with training and with therapy and technical manuals. In return, each service committed to providing monthly feedback via a dedicated feedback portal.

If you are interested in more details about our Early Adopters schemes, please contact us at eva@city.ac.uk.