Virtual worlds

EVA Park is an online, multi-user, virtual environment (MUVE).   It was built using the Open Simulator (also known as OpenSim) platform which is similar to Second Life.

Virtual environments (or virtual worlds) mirror many aspects of life, with buildings, parks, cities, and virtual events such as meetings and parties.

Each person using a virtual world is represented by a computer character, or ‘avatar’. Users of virtual worlds can talk and write messages to each other and take part in virtual activities, such as going to a party or visiting a restaurant.

Coffee shop server

EVA Park is a private virtual world for people with aphasia.  It contains realistic areas such as a town square with a health centre and restaurant where people can practise functional communication. It also contains quirky and fun elements such as an over-sized yellow duck and a tardis to provoke fun and engagement.


Whole island


Virtual shops